Cat sitting

Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting Service

For most cats, their owner popping out or off to work all day is not a problem as they know that the owner will be home soon.

Start packing your suitcase for a holiday or a short trip, and your cat thinks “Oh dear - this does not look good”. Cats and dogs worry when suitcases appear because they associate them with a long separation periods and at worst, being taken to the catteries or kennels.

Although most domestic cats appear to be very independent, they are territorial animals.  They become very attached to their home environment and are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells. Most cats enjoy and benefit from human company (interacting with people on their own terms.). Cats are intelligent animals and require mental and physical stimulation – play is also an important part.

Using our cat sitting service allows your cat to stay in their beloved home.

Our visiting service includes:

  • Refreshing bowls
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning out any litter trays
  • Cuddles and lots of play if they want to!

 Also we will turn lights ON and OFF, bringing in the post and water any plants.

Monday - Friday £10.00 per visit (evenings visits available as well )
Saturday, Sundays & Bank Holidays £12.00 per visit.
Contact Lyn: Tel. 07863348124
Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting
Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting
Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting
Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting
Queen of Cats - Cat Sitting