Frequently asked questions

How best do I contact you?

Feel free to contact me on 07764428020 but please leave a message as I will always return your call. I do not advertise my landline number in the first instance but once a client of King of Hounds the number will be given to you. I am available Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm. During these hours I might be walking so if I don’t answer please leave a message.
Outside these hours if an emergency, please leave a message and I will return the call immediately. Emails are constantly monitored during office hours. Emails received out of hours will be responded to the next day.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated before any Dog Care Services start?

Yes. All dogs should have annual vaccinations to protect against infections and disease. Please make sure your dog is wormed and has been treated for fleas before commencing walking or any form of home or day boarding with us. It is your responsibility to keep up with vaccinations, worming and the prevention of fleas in your dog, with reference to frequency please take advice from your Vet.

Which dogs are suitable for Home Boarding or Day Care?

We have learned through experience and caring for dogs that home boarding and day care is only suitable for family friendly dogs. Puppies can be accommodated but they must either be house or crate trained. All breeds will be accepted but any dog that is destructive or aggressive we will not be able to board.

We are also unable to expect incontinent dogs, dogs that chew or destroy furniture. In the event of any destruction, charges will apply to any damage caused by your dog. Bitches that are expected or to be in season will not be suitable for home care services. If any damage is caused costs must be reimbursed.

My dog has behaviour issues/special needs (aggression, anxiety, fixations, etc.) - can you still walk them?

Yes, dogs should enjoy being in the company of other dogs and we specialise in addressing these kinds of problems. The vast majority of behaviour issues are related to a lack of brisk daily exercise and ineffective communication between dog and human. We specialise in solo walks as well as structured group walking, non-verbal communication, and maintaining the correct pack dynamic. Most dogs don't exhibit the same behaviour problems you may experience when they are with us.

Why should I trust King of Hounds to take care of my dog?

• We do a thorough, complimentary visit with you and your dog to capture a complete profile and understanding of you and your dog’s needs.
• King of Hounds team are all experienced, myself Liz is is constant contact with the team and works along side them on a weekly basis.
• We pick-up poop with 100% biodegradable plastic bags that are kind to the earth.
• We will treat you, your pet, your home and your property with respect.
• We are fully insured, CRB Checked and are members of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.
• We all have dogs too - so we know just how important it is to know your dogs are well taken care of while you are working, out of town, or on holiday..
• We are available whenever you need us -- including evenings, weekends & bank holidays.

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